Milfords Best Kept Secret


If you grew up in Milford, Mass. You would know several professional wrestlers at one time or another grew up or resided in Milford. Ricky Sexton, Sgt. Muldoon, Mike McCarthy, Bulldozer, just to name a few. One wrestler literally went unnoticed in town until he entered the squared circle and became a star. That man would be Richie Rich.

Rich recently entered Showcase so he could be closer to home and family. The time demands of travel were beginning to show on the former WWF superstar so much so he had taken a few years off to ponder whether or not he would continue in his chosen profession.

“I started wrestling back in the mid 80’s actually before that, my dad was a pro wrestler and I grew up in the business. Being from Milford which is such a huge town for high school wrestling it was intimidating to get in a wrestling ring out in front of the people I knew my whole life and compete, especially since my dad was so well known in the area. I went into Killer Kowalski’s IWF, then I got a chance to go to WWF. It was great, and I had a chance to wrestle some of the biggest stars in wrestling, it also gave me the opportunity to go to other offices. It’s funny how WWF opened so many doors after I left Vince and the company. Now I’m back in New England. I chose Showcase because the top talent in New England compete here. They have a good policy of only bringing in guys that wrestle and want to be top contenders. Unlike so many offices that book their friends that don’t even have the courtesy or respect to wear proper ring gear. My good friend Shawn Candido has been schooling me on the politics around here. Since I’ve been gone things had changed, but now that I’m back the rule for all these so called top wrestlers is gonna be get out of the way or get run over”.


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